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Local Media Browser

Local Media Browser lets you access your collection of digital media files from a Web browser. It is designed for (but not limited to) low-powered clients (like the Nintendo Wii) on low-resolution displays (like TVs). It uses its own specialized Web server. It is fully customizable through easy HTML-templates, CSS, and ini-files. It currently supports picture and music files. It supports indexing and caching of information (such as thumbnails and ID3 tags) for fast browsing as well as on-the-fly gathering.

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  •  24 Jan 2008 22:42

Release Notes: The music module is now running well. Local Media Browser now runs its own multi-threaded Web server on a custom port, so there is no need for a big Web server like Apache anymore. The templates were improved and look much nicer now. They are also easier to improve, as a simple template language is used.

  •  12 Jan 2008 16:32

Release Notes: Documentation and license information was added. Code clean-up was done. Security holes were fixed. Templates were overhauled. This release contains only the picture module of Local Media Browser, as the other modules are still under development.

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