Version 0.9.1 of Localizer

Other releases

  •  04 Dec 2008 15:45

Release Notes: This release includes compatibility fixes for Zope 2.10/2.11 and other minor fixes.

  •  18 Jan 2008 06:35

Release Notes: This release requires itools version 0.20 or later. Several bugs have been fixed, most notably compatibility issues with Zope 2.10. The license has been upgraded to GPL version 3.

  •  20 Feb 2007 10:27

Release Notes: This release fixes a serious regression. In 1.2.0, the Localizer object (used to customize the language negotiation policy) stopped working.

  •  22 Dec 2006 18:11

Release Notes: This release requires Python 2.4, itools 0.13.10, and Zope 2.9 or 2.10. iHotfix is no longer required, since it has been merged back into Localizer.

  •  13 Dec 2006 07:16

Release Notes: This release brings some new features for ZPT. Most important is the support of interpolation. There are also a couple of bugs fixed: the method LocalPropertyManager.__getattr__ works again, and the function Utils.lang_negotiator now works when the context is not available.


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A Linux namespaces sandbox program.


Project Spotlight

CoreTML framework

A tool allowing the developer to create user-configurable source code templates.