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Linux on a Stick

Linux on a Stick (LoaS) is a very small and simple Linux server distribution that boots from a USB flash drive and runs from RAM. It is targeted towards server administrators who are familiar with Linux, as its only configuration method is the command line.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jan 2008 18:24

    Release Notes: This release fixes paths in OpenVPM's easy-rsa vars file. It upgrades the NTP package to 4.2.2. It upgrades the base libraries from Slackware v9 to Slackware v11. Init and install scripts have been rewritten in PHP. BusyBox has been upgraded to 1.8.2. This release supports headless systems serial consoles. New packages of note: NFS/NIS, OpenLDAP, PHP 5.02 FastCGI, FreeRadius, Zabbix, lighttpd, glusterfs, and DRDB.

    •  09 Apr 2007 18:25

      Release Notes: ifenslave is included in the root image. This release has been upgraded from MySQL 4.0.12 to 5.0.37 (Max). The OpenLDAP (2.3.34) library package is included. Samba has been upgraded from 2.2.8a to 3.0.24. LDAP and MySQL PHP modules are included in the PHP package. The Ultra Monkey HA heartbeat (1.2.3) package is included. The LibNet ( package is included. Paths in OpenVPN's easy-rsa vars file have been fixed.

      •  04 Apr 2007 10:00

        Release Notes: Linux kernel 2.4.33 was replaced with A USB booting problem that would prevent it from booting on some BIOSs (Namely AMI) was resolved. The ARDIS iSCSI target was replaced with the Enterprise iSCSI target (v0.4.14). The Open iSCSI initiator (v2.0.754) package with kernel modules is included. The distribution now boots on more than just Intel CPUs. Userland tools (v3.6.19) and kernel FS support were included for ReiserFS and XFS. The PHP CLI is included in php-5.2.0 in root.gz initrd.

        •  31 Jan 2007 14:13

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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