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  •  29 Mar 2002 18:13

Release Notes: Optimized performance by removing sleep states from the URL object, updated documentation to cover using cookies for session management, and testing on Java 1.4.

  •  05 Feb 2002 13:14

Release Notes: A fix for a problem in the URL element where Load would actually make 2 connections to a host to get 1 page, and a fix for the https_example.xml script, which was pointing to a secure host which is no longer on the Internet (the new script points to Citibank's on-line portal page that is secured with SSL over an HTTPS connection).

  •  08 Jan 2002 05:02

Release Notes: A build mistake that kept SSL SOAP connections from working was fixed. A response header variable and additional sample scripts were added.

  •  07 Nov 2001 05:25

Release Notes: A bug preventing SOAP datasources to connect through a proxy was fixed, an Ant build script was added, and Javadoc documentation was added.

  •  25 Oct 2001 18:26

Release Notes: Documentation bugs have been fixed. This release adds a URL delete action, a new clear log menu item, and URL name checking. The graphical interface has been cleaned up.

  •  08 Oct 2001 15:50

Release Notes: SSL and HTTPS datasources to test secure Web applications, and inclusion of Javadoc.

  •  12 Sep 2001 00:58

Release Notes: Bugs caused by the building of the previous release using an old build of the Xerces XML parser have been fixed. New timers for SOAP data sources added.

Release Notes: URL command for communication with Web hosts using HTTP added. Command supports a timeout mechanism, setting and reading of HTTP header values, and determination of time taken to process HTTP requests. Test scripts and a remote testing server ( added. Testing server features test html pages and servlets for responding to post commands.

Release Notes: This release includes objects to test SOAP-based Web Services. Web Services are objects on remote services that communication through an XML-RPC mechanism. This release also includes the Apache SOAP framework, and is now feature complete and ready to use. Several annoying little bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Load alpha 6 is now feature complete. Subsequent versions will be labeled Beta releases to fix bugs and increase overall quality. Load alpha 6 release adds:</P> <OL> <LI>The commander has been broken down into individual objects to make it easier to add and manage script elements. The commander launches a script and processes the script elements by instantiating individual objects through a common interface. For example, in Alpha 6 the ElementEcho object handles the <echo> command by using the ElementHandler interface.<BR> <BR> The evaluator object uses the same object instantiation mechanism as the ElementHandlers for objects that handle variables. For example, evalRandom uses an ElementHandler interface but returns a random value.<BR> <BR> A new file maps script element names to the object name of the ElementHandler. You can easily plug-in your own script elements using the new system.<BR> <BR> </LI> <LI>The expression evaluator now allows embedded expressions. For example, the expression $founditems [ $random [ $foundcount; ]; ]; works fine now.<BR> <BR> </LI> <LI>JDOM Beta 6 is now included. For more information on JDOM see <A HREF=""><a href="" target="_new"></a></A>.<BR> <BR> </LI> <LI>The logging objects are new. The log() object is a thread that queues log entries and then outputs at once. See the <log> element in the Script Reference below for new <log> script elements. The past method of setting log values as a <property> command are no longer valid.<BR> <BR> </LI> <LI>All the text strings are in the file now, this should make localization easier. Load is not double-byte compatible yet.<BR> <BR> </LI> <LI>You may set the initial height and width of the graphical user interface. The file is found in the resources directory.<BR> <BR> </LI> <LI>The $lingo; expressions have been changed and simplified. The new format is $lingo[ type ] where type is one of these values:<BR> $lingo; returns a single random word<BR> $lingo[message]; returns a 3-10 line lingo message<BR> $lingo[subject]; returns a single line lingo message</LI> </OL> <P> </P> <P>Load is distributed under an Apache-style open-source license - as described in license.txt. You may build commercial software products based on the Load code. I hope you will offer bug fixes and improvements back to the Load community. Please send your bug fixes and improvements to <A HREF=""></A>.</P> <P>Between Beta releases you may find work-in-progress versions of Load code using CVS at The code is in the <I>load</I> project.


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