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Load Tester is a Web stress tool that measures how many users your site can handle. It allows you to generate up to a million virtual users from the Amazon cloud to test the entire application stack. The automated record and configuration process means no complicated hand-coding and no scripting languages to learn. Configuring user input such as login credentials, search terms, and other user-entered fields is as easy as clicking on the field. The user capacity analysis clearly measures your site's capacity based on either simple performance goals or complicated Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Load Tester automatically configures sophisticated logic to detect application and logic errors. When an error does happen, not only is the page captured, but you get a visual comparison showing not only the rendered page, but the HTML that triggered the error. The software comes in a free LITE version as well as a commercial PRO version.

Operating Systems

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14 Apr 2012 12:45 czei

This website's OS support isn't detailed enough to describe how the software works. There are 3 operating systems involved in running a load test: the OS of the controller, the OS of the computers generating the load, and the OS of the web servers, app servers, and database servers of the web- based application. Load Tester supports Linux on everything but the controller, and Windows on every thing. You'll find installers in the download area for 32 and 64 bit Linux for the load generators and server monitors. In addition, the server monitoring runs on AIX and Solaris.


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