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Version 0.2.0 of lnav

Release Notes: Some build issues and a variety of bugs were fixed. The "<" and ">" keys can now be used for doing searching to the left and right. Readline history is kept for searches and commands.

    Other releases

    •  30 Mar 2014 16:56

    Release Notes: The scrollbar is now highlighted with red or yellow to show which sections of the logs have errors or warnings. Tab-completion has been added for searches so that you can complete whatever is currently displayed on screen. Syntax-highlighting has been added for the command prompt (i.e. search regexes and SQL queries). The xterm title is updated to display the current log file. A "headless" mode allows you to use lnav to process logs from a script.

    •  12 Nov 2013 02:22

      Release Notes: Adds support for word-wrapping in the log and text file views. Logs that are JSON-encoded can now be read by lnav and displayed using custom formatting.

      •  29 Aug 2013 23:17

      Release Notes: Custom log formats and more builtin formats are now supported. Data can be automatically extracted from log messages. This release some UI improvements and support for 256-color terminals.

      •  25 Apr 2013 01:22

        Release Notes: Files can now be specified on the commandline using wildcards so new files are automatically loaded. Directories can also be passed as commandline arguments to read all of the files in the directory. This release adds a "C" hotkey to clear any existing user bookmarks and experimental support for accepting input from mice.

        •  21 Jul 2011 05:10

          Release Notes: Support for bzip2 compressed files was added. Text files that are not recognized as logs are broken out into a separate view. A "session" file and command have been added so that you can run lnav commands on startup.


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