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  •  07 Jul 2012 09:08

Release Notes: This release provides a complete Linked Data publishing solution by bundling LMF Core, Google Refine, and Apache Stanbol. Other improvements include a SKOS thesaurus editor, performance, SPARQL querying, security and user management, and a Semantic Search UI editor.

  •  23 Mar 2012 22:06

Release Notes: This is the first general availability release of the Linked Media Framework. It provides tested versions of all core modules.

  •  27 Jun 2011 13:03

Release Notes: This release adds the new sKWRL rule-based reasoner and improves performance as well as stability. Libraries have been updated to the latest versions.

  •  30 May 2011 13:26

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs, increases reliability and stability, and uses multithreading for improved performance when doing large imports.

  •  20 May 2011 22:55

Release Notes: This is the initial public release of the Linked Media Framework. It integrates a Linked Data server extended by updates and content integration as described in the Linked Media principles. It also comes with a highly configurable Semantic Search component.


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