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LMF - Linked Media Framework

The Linked Media Framework is an easy-to-set-up server application that bundles central Semantic Web technologies to offer advanced services. The Linked Media Framework consists of LMF Core and LMF Modules. The core component of the Linked Media Framework is a Linked Data Server that allows you to expose data following the Linked Data Principles. The Linked Data Server implemented as part of the LMF goes beyond the Linked Data principles by extending them with Linked Data Updates and by integrating management of metadata and content and making both accessible in a uniform way. Its extensions are described in more detail in LinkedMediaPrinciples. In addition to the Linked Data Server, the LMF Core also offers a highly configurable Semantic Search service and a SPARQL endpoint. Setting up and using the Semantic Search component is described in SemanticSearch. Accessing the SPARQL endpoint is described in SPARQLEndpoint. Whereas the extension of the Linked Data principles is already conceptually well-described, work is proceeding on a proper specification and extension of Semantic Search and SPARQL endpoint for Linked Data servers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jul 2012 08:42

    Release Notes: This release provides a complete Linked Data publishing solution by bundling LMF Core, Google Refine, and Apache Stanbol. Other improvements include a SKOS thesaurus editor, performance, SPARQL querying, security and user management, and a Semantic Search UI editor.

    •  23 Mar 2012 17:44

      Release Notes: This is the first general availability release of the Linked Media Framework. It provides tested versions of all core modules.

      •  27 Jun 2011 10:37

        Release Notes: This release adds the new sKWRL rule-based reasoner and improves performance as well as stability. Libraries have been updated to the latest versions.

        •  30 May 2011 11:47

          Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs, increases reliability and stability, and uses multithreading for improved performance when doing large imports.

          •  20 May 2011 13:52

            Release Notes: This is the initial public release of the Linked Media Framework. It integrates a Linked Data server extended by updates and content integration as described in the Linked Media principles. It also comes with a highly configurable Semantic Search component.


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