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lma-init is a set of shell scripts that aim at replacing the scripts run during system bootup and runlevel changes. At the moment, only serious hackers should attempt to install this package due to the lack of documentation. Apart from being colourful, it's ideal for large-site-administration with remote distribution systems since the whole configuration can be done using a single file, if necessary.


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  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; a fix for a facility window resizing bug, updates for inittab and reset(), a new variable RESET to reset the screen after booting, trying to detach from the ctty for setsid builtin, and addition of SYSTEMSTOP to reboot (no umount otherwise), a usleep builtin, and syncalot::3 in runlevel 0 due to too many complaints of laptop users where powering down too early.


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    Project Spotlight

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