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Release Notes: Detection of new devices was added to sensors-detect.

  •  12 Oct 2010 11:55

Release Notes: The libsensors license was changed from GPL to LGPL. Minor bugs were fixed in libsensors, pwmconfig, sensors, and sensord. The sensors-detect script knows more chips than ever.

  •  03 Feb 2010 10:34

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with essentially a collection of small bugfixes and minor improvements. In particular, support for HID devices was added and sensord received a lot of cleanups again.

  •  28 Jun 2009 14:54

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with essentially a collection of small bugfixes. In particular, multiple configuration file support now works regardless of the filesystem in use, and sensord received a lot of cleanups.

Release Notes: Sensors-detect was largely rewritten to be both smaller and smarter. Support for multiple configuration files was added to libsensors, as well as support for instantaneous power sensors and current sensors. The default configuration file went on a diet, resulting in a big performance boost and hopefully less confusion for the users.

Release Notes: pwmconfig has been improved a lot and is now slightly less user-unfriendly. sensors-detect knows of a dozen additional devices, and was made more reliable for another half dozen.

Release Notes: Support for virtual hardware monitoring devices, power sensors, and energy sensors was added. Sensors-detect was made safer.

  •  28 Jan 2008 13:17

Release Notes: libsensors no longer depends on libsysfs. There are many fixes to pwmconfig. RRD support in sensord was fixed. There is improved sysconfig and modprobe.d integration in sensors-detect.

  •  25 Nov 2007 07:27

Release Notes: This is the first stable release of the completely rewritten libsensors for Linux 2.6.5 and later. This also includes its companion applications, sensors and sensord. Compared to the last release candidate, building was fixed on non-x86 architectures and pwmconfig was improved a bit.

Release Notes: The default configuration file is now defined in libsensors rather than in applications using it. Support for an alternative default configuration file name was also added, to ease the installation of different versions of libsensors in parallel.


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A daemon for dynamic routing of IP and IPv6


Project Spotlight

CoreTML framework

A tool allowing the developer to create user-configurable source code templates.