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11 May 2014 16:41 0112358

Sorry, I noticed that support for user keybindings has been added, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually modify the keybindings. Could you point me to a link?

25 Apr 2014 19:16 brbukh

@Tetra. There is already a way to print, via Ctrl+p. The way it works is by invoking the command specified in 'path-launcher' config variable (in file ~/.config/llpp.conf), which by default is 'lp "%s"'. Here %s is substituted by the pdf file name. I hope that this comment saves another soul from wasting an hour pouring over the source code.

13 Sep 2013 21:43 tetra_archos

I am not sure if this is the correct place for this but is there any way to add a print command?

02 Mar 2013 11:36 blue_copper

It seems there is no way to use arrow keys to change pages keeping the page centered,
The manual does not recognise q and / commands which is a pity
A configuration file under ~/.config or a richer cli would be nice

02 Feb 2012 13:19 shrdlu

There is no bug tracker, please report any problems via e-mail. Btw it's a
a miracle that i saw your comment at all, leave alone a day after it was

02 Feb 2012 01:35 sezaru

Oh, is not like the actual key bindings are bad or something like that, is just that I have reconfigured the key bindings for all programs I currently use (mcabber, alpine, canto, etc) and the only one which key bindings are different are llpp, so it would be nicer if I could reconfigure it, but, as I said, there is nothing wrong with the actual key bindings.

ps, I will try, when I got some time, to look at the code and create a patch por it.
ps2: btw, there is some bugtracker or a place to send bugs and patches? I couldn't find one, thats why I'm using the comments space for it

01 Feb 2012 14:39 shrdlu

There is no way to change the key bindings, and i do get requests to add them from time to time, but mainly from VInclined users. As an emacs user myself i
fail to see any glaring omissions in the current ones though, what do you have
in mind?

31 Jan 2012 05:06 sezaru

Hello there, I was looking for an PDF reader like your for quite some time, one, that would have all the features from the big ones (like okular) and yet be super small and fast, all I can say is thank you a lot for the project!
Saying that, may I ask one question, is there a way to change the default keybindings? I would love have the possibility to change it for something more emacs-like.
Thanks again!


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