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Linux Kernel Patches Collection

The Linux Kernel Patches Collection aims to put together some useful and interesting kernel patches which are not currently included in the standard kernel distribution. The patches included in this collection are ones that add features such as greater security, more hardware drivers, and journaling filesystems. This project merges all the different patches together so that they apply cleanly in a single step. A major goal of the project is to ensure that the patched kernel is stable and reliable.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Apr 2002 20:58

    Release Notes: This release updates BeFS to 0.92, JFS to 1.0.17, kdb and XFS to 2002/04/08, and ACPI to 2002/04/04, thus fixing several issues. New additions are Grsecurity 1.9.4 (without ACL support, as lkpc already contains an ACL implementation), User Mode Linux 2.4.18-17, and process affinity patches. CDfs 0.5c and LVM 1.1rc1 updates are also available. Writing on loop mounted filesystems hangs the machine if lock breaking is enabled; in these cases, turn it off.

    •  14 Mar 2002 16:57

      Release Notes: Since the upcoming 2.4.19 kernel changes several things related to this patch, this early test version has been released. But beware that this version is experimental, and you may experience bugs. Note that you must obtain and apply the pre3 patch for 2.4.19 before applying this one. This release is identical to 2.4.18-4, except that it contains ACPI 2002/03/08.

      •  14 Mar 2002 13:10

        Release Notes: ACPI was reverted to 2001/12/18, which should allow broken network cards to work again. JFS was updated to 1.0.16, which fixes some known bugs. Andrew Morton's read-latency2 patch was added, as well as Love's lock breaking patch to further improve performance.

        •  07 Mar 2002 04:09

          Release Notes: A new EXTRAVERSION to make difference between vanilla kernel and patched one, inclusion of XFS bugfixes from SGI, memory leak and oops fixes, code cleanups, and updated ACL support for quotas. Note: ACPI apparently broke some network cards; they are working on it, but the code may be switched back to an older one until the fix is released.

          •  05 Mar 2002 17:13

            Release Notes: This first release includes patches for ACPI, badmem, BeFS filesystem, JFS filesystem, kernel debugger, Love's preemption, and Mingo's scheduler.

            Recent comments

            14 Mar 2002 13:44 slipwalker

            no listing ?
            i d really like to see on the project s HomePage a comprehensive listing of which patches are available ( version, description ) and a link to the patche s site... just an idea...
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