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  •  24 Nov 2005 16:44

Release Notes: Relation handling code has been improved. A configure script has been added using autoconf and automake. A Python code generator has been replaced with a C++ one (litesql-gen). Scons dependencies have been removed. Debian packaging headers have been added. A Graphviz target has been added to litesql-gen. Date, time, datetime, and boolean types have been added.

  •  23 Jul 2005 11:54

Release Notes: Macro hacks were removed, as an XML database definition file and code generator are used now. N-ary relations (relations that link three or more objects) are supported. Support was added for relation attributes (ordered relations are now possible). Set operations were added: intersect, union_, except. Small changes were made under the hood.


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A DSL and code generator for Java enterprise applications.


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