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Molly, a MO-dule for LI-terate programming is a simple self-contained, standalone tool written in core Perl (no extra modules). It creates "Folding HTML" documents out of your Literate Source files on the fly, either as a command line utility or via CGI. It implements a new type of "weaver" for Literate Programming, and has its own built-in tangler. Molly uses the Norman Ramsey "noweb" tool markup (with one sanitizing restricion), and can be used with it. It can also be employed as a standalone script for non-programming purposes to keep notes, long documents, even books in "folding HTML" files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jan 2010 20:57

    Release Notes: This release adds an option for using the ASCIIMathML.js library from CL. It adds a "forestry mode" filter to move sub-trees in the folding HTML document. The documentation is slightly improved.

    •  16 Dec 2009 09:20

      Release Notes: Multiple "Virtual Views" on literate program code are now possible with "chunk links", which are like soft links on a Unix filesystem. Navigation in the "folding HTML" file was improved with "flinks".

      •  21 Nov 2009 07:53

        Release Notes: This release embeds both a fully-fledged tangler and a folding HTML weaver, which can now be used from the command line or on "mollified" files in the second mode, which also runs under CGI.

        •  14 Nov 2009 06:03

          Release Notes: Use of ASCIIMathML.js was added for the ability to include mathematical expressions in literate documents. The multi-part doc then can be saved with scripts and images as .mht files for Opera, Firefox (for which an add-on exists), etc. A simple built-in tangler was added. It can tangle itself out, with limitations, and is good for quick tangling of the file/target one is working on. "noweb" can be used to tangle many files. The core weaver should be stable, but the tangler has not yet been tested extensively.

          Recent comments

          17 Jul 2009 19:54 unixtechie

          Literate Molly version 0.60 - initial upload to Freshmeat -- 17 July 2009


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