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listadmin is a command-line alternative to Mailman's Web interface for administering mailing lists. It allows you to inspect messages or subscription requests, approve or discard them manually, or discard messages automatically when certain conditions are true. listadmin can also be configured to run out of cron to do routine cleaning.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2007 11:58

    Release Notes: This release fixes the use of proxies for HTTP, adds the capability of turning nomail on or off from the command line, and improves interoperability with Mailman 2.1.x. Unknown character encodings are also handled more gracefully.

    •  10 Jan 2007 07:57

      Release Notes: Undo action is now unlimited. Locales other than Latin1 are supported. The terminal is now protected from raw escape sequences. Body preview of MIME encoded messages was improved. "nomail" subscriptions can be conveniently added while approving messages. Members can be listed and removed from the list interactively. New command line options were added to list or manipulate the subscriber list.

      •  05 Jun 2006 16:43

        Release Notes: Some variants of spam score headers used to be misparsed, giving too high values. E.g., listadmin would fetch the absolute value from the default exiscan header, which is bad when local mail is given -10 points. Various diagnostics have also been improved.

        •  19 Feb 2006 15:10

          Release Notes: Listadmin now supports Mailman 2.1 installations as well as Mailman 1.2 and 2.0. Spam header recognition has been improved, and it is now possible to leave the password out of the configuration file and enter it interactively as needed.

          •  07 Jun 2005 11:45

            Release Notes: You can now enter a search to find messages by subject or author to approve them quickly without going through the rest. You can now jump to a message (by entering its number in the queue) even if it would be discarded automatically.


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