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  •  17 Jun 2004 09:40

Release Notes: The largest user-visible changes in 2.3 are pagination on the paste index page, colorization, and support for pastes which do not involve an IRC channel. This last change makes lisppaste a suitable replacement for other paste bin services, with the advantages of XML-RPC support, annotations, persistent pastes, and more.

  •  09 Mar 2004 03:09

Release Notes: This version features XML-RPC support, which allows pasting to lisppaste directly from Emacs. In addition, RSS generation has been improved (and the option added for channel-specific RSS and listings), and the new paste form will default to a particular channel if the name of the channel follows the URL with a slash. The speed of new pastes has been improved.


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A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.


Project Spotlight


A Java Sampled Audio Service Provider based on CoreAudio.