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LinVDR is a small, lightweight, ready-to-run and easy-to-install distribution of VDR which can turn almost any PC with a DVB-s (digital satellite) card into a digital hard disk recorder. It contains VDR Admin for Web administration and Samba shares to upload your MP3 files or download DVD images made from your TV recordings.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Dec 2004 18:13

    Release Notes: LinVDR has switched to the new VDR version 1.3.17 from the development branch. This adds a lot of new features, including various skins for the OnScreen Display, automatic scanning for new channels, and dynamic CAM recognition. The most popular new plugin is the DVD-Burn plugin, so you can now burn your recordings to a Video DVD with some keypresses on your remote control. The most bizarre one is the Taste plugin, with which you can define some keywords for shows you absolutely don't want to see, and the Taste plugin will prevent you from accidentally switching to them when such a show is on air.

    •  31 Mar 2004 15:17

      Release Notes: Kernel 2.6.4 is now used. ACPI support was improved. Several new plugins and patches were added, including graphic LCD, improved OSD, serial buttons, signal strength, vbox, and media detection. The installation system is now faster and smaller and allows user interaction on any state of installation.

      •  25 Dec 2003 20:54

        Release Notes: Now with English and German language support and updates from previous LinVDR versions. New plugins for email and text console, plus audio CD support. Several bugfixes and new versions of existing plugins, a new VDR Admin, and support for Hauppauge Nexus remote control out of the box. Watching TV on a computer monitor and control via keyboard is now supported as well as sound cards (ALSA only, manual configuration).

        •  17 Nov 2003 03:18

          Release Notes: Umlauts problems with Samba, multiple plugins, and invisible exports have been fixed. More plugins have been added (timeline, image, and browser), and others updated (clock, osdteletect, dvd, and games). Busybox and Samba have been updated for large file support, and there's now a limited version of apt-get and apt-cache for your own extensions. Support has been added for USB WLAN adapters, USB keyboards, and DVD authoring and burning.

          •  14 Oct 2003 03:57

            Release Notes: This release is a bootable CD image with a dialog-based install program (currently only in German) and a system setup program. The Nexus-IR-Receiver now works. DVB driver v1.0.1, more network drivers (including gigabit Ethernet), and a wake on event feature were added. New plugins and programs include vdrsync, NoAd, MPlayer, Scan, FBTV, nano, Photo-CD, and tvtv. streamdev, DVD, and (S)VCD support were updated.


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