Version 0.2.5 of Linux Wireless LAN Project

Release Notes: Added support for Samsung MagicWave card, changed default card access method to i/o only, added module parameters for card access method and i/o delay, added 2.2 kernel support fixed io access (ioremap), fixed 'stale netlist' problem, added proper version coding and reporting and changed to MPL.

    Other releases

    Release Notes: Spurious beacon generation in the monitor mode has been fixed. The monitor mode now preserves headers of unrecognized frame types. More device IDs have been added.

    Release Notes: Support for Linux Wireless Extensions, and various bugfixes for the recently added interfaces (PCI, PLX, and USB).

    Release Notes: This release adds support for USB-based devices and Corega cards. The serial number of the card is now shown correctly. Netlink support in the kernel is no longer required. There are many other bugfixes.

    Release Notes: Support for the ISL3874 based mini-pci card added. Scripts for PLX cards improved. New CIS entries added.

    Release Notes: A fix for autojoin auth type control, new/updated PDR numbers, and a fix for a fatal typo in the default wlan-ng.opts.


    Project Spotlight

    Novius OS

    A CMS that takes up the challenge of managing Web content in today’s multi-channel environment.


    Project Spotlight


    A PHP class to authenticate and manage OTP user tokens for strong authentication.