Version 1.1.3 of Linux Virtual Server

Release Notes: This version adds the ip_vs_use_count_inc/ip_vs_use_count_dec, so that it is easy to adapt the code to the module handling change in the Linux kernel 2.5.xx. It updates the module using count handling code to the kernel 2.5.65, updates the IPVS sync daemon code to the kernel 2.5.65, changes the overhead ratio of active/inactive connections from 50 to 256, because too small a ratio number may lead to load imbalance under highly loaded sites. There were also some code cleanups.

Other releases

Release Notes: This version adds a sysctl variable to expire the quiescent template, fixes an endian problem on sync message size, adds a fix to hold the lock before updating a service, and fixes connection rehashing with a new cport.

Release Notes: This release fixes the endian problem with the sync message size.

Release Notes: This release removes the superfluous call of waitpid in the sync code, retries running kernel_thread when memory is temporarily exhausted, and tidies up the code.

Release Notes: This release is included in the official 2.6.0 kernel. It has many important changes such as handling nonlinear packets correctly, fixing timers, avoiding race conditions, and other bugfixes.

Release Notes: Changed to use the Jekins hash function in the IPVS connection hash against a possible hash attack. The slow timer implementation has been removed. old_iph is pointed to the right address after the skb headroom is reallocated in the IPVS tunneling transmitter. Missing stats locking while updating stats in the rate estimation timer has been added. The code has been tidied up.


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A ncurses-based Jabber client.


Project Spotlight


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