Version 0.9.5pre3 of Linux Trace Toolkit

Release Notes: Fixed trace format.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release adds a lockless logging scheme, a port to ARM, a fixed MIPS port, updated autoconf tools, and fixed SMP analysis.

  •  24 Apr 2002 18:29

Release Notes: Ports to S/390, SuperH, and MIPS, cross-platform reading capabilities, updated RTAI support, user-space events, binary traces access through user-space library, visualizer enhancements, dynamic modification of trace masks, and autoconf/autobuild system integration.

Release Notes: MIPS support, cross-platform reading capabilities for RTAI traces, a fix for the RTAI graph trace display, new RTAI graph icons, and many bugfixes and patches.

Release Notes: In this release, support is added for S/390 and SuperH, the build system is converted to autoconf, RTAI support is updated to version 24.1.7 and there are many patches, updates and bugfixes.

Release Notes: The capability to create and log user-space events, and the capability to modify trace masks from the user-space at run-time during tracing were added.


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