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  •  24 Apr 2002 08:29

Release Notes: This is a small update to incorporate kernel 2.5.9. The default fmask was changed to 0177, which means that files do not get the executable bit by default. Minor miscellaneous bugs were fixed. Updating is recommended, and it is necessary if you want to use Linux 2.5.9. Note the patch will also work with 2.5.7, but it may not apply cleanly.

Release Notes: This release has feature enhancements to mkntfs (added options to disable content indexing and to enable compression), compilation warning fixes for more architectures, and other small cleanups. Upgrading is not necessary, but is advisable so that you can take advantage of the new functionality.

  •  26 Jan 2002 02:08

Release Notes: Minor bug and compilation fixes for non-Linux architectures were added.

Release Notes: Several bugfixes and multiple feature enhancements, attempted fixes for compilation on other architectures, and syntax changes in ntfs_mount to accept the MS_RDONLY flag.

Release Notes: A huge rewrite, with a chached database, comment blocks everywhere, md autodetect, misc. fixes, support for partition types, and new ldmutil for setting volume types.

Release Notes: This is a big update and all existing users should upgrade. New features include support for Windows XP NTFS partitions (ntfsfix) and creation of small NTFS partitions (mkntfs) so you can create NTFS floppies.

Release Notes: Compared to the previous fm release, everything has changed. This version has the latest tools and library code to go with the 2.4 Linux kernel.

Release Notes: The LDM database contains the details of partition layout for Windows Dynamic Disks. The documentation covers the on disk format of the database and already provides enough information to find and mount partitions.

Release Notes: More bulletproofing, and merging of the two prototype userspace tools.

Release Notes: New info for Data Streams and Indexes, new pages (About, Collation, and SID), more Info about $Q, $O, $R, MFT Zone, and Indexes, loads of new Glossary entries, lots of pages tidied, fixed, or rewritten, and HTML & CSS improvements.


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