Version 0.5 of Linux NTFS

Release Notes: More information was added and corrections were made for the $FILE_NAME, $REPARSE_POINT, and $SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR attributes, the attribute header, and cluster and file record. New pages about how to add and delete nodes in B*Tree (NTFS Directory Tree) were added. The description of $Boot, $MFTMirr, and $UsnJrnl NTFS metafiles was updated and enhanced. The licence was changed to the GNU Free Documentation License.

Other releases

Release Notes: Many improvements and fixes were made for all known problems to ntfsmount, ntfscluster, mkntfs, ntfsclone, ntfsinfo, and libntfs.

Release Notes: Lots of enhancements and fixes were made across the board. A few notable changes are that mkntfs now creates NTFS 3.1 (Windows XP) volumes by default and that ntfsmount can deal with symbolic links and device files.

  •  13 Oct 2005 13:59

Release Notes: Fixes hardcoded location for uninstalling the mount.ntfs-fuse hardlink to match the relocatable location for installing it. Changes mount.ntfs-fuse and mkfs.ntfs to be symlinks instead of hardlinks, and moves both to /sbin rather than prefix/sbin. $destdir is still obeyed, so building packages works, as well as installing into alternate chroot / other systems. Some corner cases and all memory leaks in ntfscmp have been fixed, and corrupt NTFS is handled more gracefully. If the system does not have realpath(), this release will supply its own dummy version that just copies the string.

Release Notes: Lots of big improvements and bugfixes were made. Most importantly, this release includes basic file and directory creation and deletion, as well as hardlink support by ntfsmount via FUSE and in libntfs. Ntfsdecrypt, ntfscluster, ntfsresize, mkntfs, and ntfsclone were also enhanced. A new utility, ntfscmp, was added to efficiently compare two NTFS filesystems.

Release Notes: This release includes important fixes for ntfsls, ntfscp, ntfsmount, ntfsdecrypt, libntfs, Unicode, and compression handling. ntfsinfo and ntfsmount were also improved, and ntfsresize now supports even highly fragmented Master File Table relocation.


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