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05 Dec 2005 12:57 hughbrown

Many thanks for ntfsundelete!
I just used ntfsundelete to recover a deleted Outlook file. It worked perfectly. My compliments to the authors!

10 Jul 2003 15:12 flatcap

NTFS FAQ in Japanese
Thanks to Michio Sonoda, the NTFS Frequently Asked Questions ( are now available in Japanese (

If you would like to help the NTFS Project by translating the FAQ, please email me: (

04 Nov 2001 10:23 flatcap

NTFS Lives!

What can I say? News of our death has been greatly exaggerated. The Linux NTFS project is alive and well.

The latest drivers for NTFS and LDM can be found in
the recent 2.4 linux kernels. Also take a look at our homepage for other tools, documentation and help.

09 May 1999 13:31 cabbey

another refresh
on 11 April 99... so it isn't compeletly dead.

08 Jan 1999 18:42 rafial

Don't give up yet
The author appears to have a new snapshot, on his page: 990201


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