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  •  26 Nov 2008 16:56

Release Notes: This release adds PXE boot support, includes the newest squashfs precompiled binaries, and fixes a lot of bugs.

  •  02 Mar 2007 10:24

Release Notes: This release adds support for international IO encoding while mounting DOS filesystems (FAT and NTFS). Simply add the iocharset=utf8 boot option, and all disks will be mounted with this iocharset all the time. This works even for the from= and changes= boot parameters. (Replace "utf8" with your desired charset, e.g., iocharset=iso8859-2 for Central European Windows).

  •  23 Feb 2007 01:40

Release Notes: aufs is used instead of unionfs, which brings great stability and features. squashfs has been patched with LZMA compression, so compressed filesystems are 30% smaller. You no longer need to patch your distribution's startup scripts in order to remove remounting of the root filesystem as read/write. udev is no longer needed in your distribution, since the devices are created during live startup. Handling of booting from a USB device was improved. A script to create a bootable disk (including USB) in Linux and Windows was added.

  •  11 Jun 2006 04:39

Release Notes: This release adds the "fromiso" boot argument and modifies the behavior of the "changes" boot argument. It also fixes "load" and "notload" cheat codes.

  •  18 May 2006 03:00

Release Notes: This release adds a noload cheat code to disable the loading of specified modules. A ramsize cheat code for specifying how much RAM is used to store changes was also added (defaults to ramsize=60%). A script that creates a bootable Live disk instead of a CD (eg for installing the live CD to USB devices) was included.

  •  19 Jan 2005 02:46

Release Notes: This release implements a copy2ram (alias toram) boot option functionality, when the whole LiveCD is copied to RAM and is started from there.

  •  18 Jan 2005 04:01

Release Notes: The linuxrc and liblinuxlive scripts were rewritten from the scratch. The tools for module conversions were also rewritten and renamed. Configuration was unified to a single ./config file.

Release Notes: This version added initial support Linux 2.6 and working UnionFS and SquashFS modules for kernel 2.6.9. All scripts were rewritten and the initrd image is now created by using BusyBox.

  •  26 May 2004 00:14

Release Notes: was fixed, the mv and cut commands were added to the initrd, and tohd and fromhd boot options were implemented.

  •  01 Feb 2004 05:52

Release Notes: A script to copy and install LiveCD to a USB mass storage device (such as a flashdisk) was added. It is in ./bootfiles/, and it is untested. Some minor fixes were made. Floppy automounting is now disabled. USB modules for linuxrc are loaded only with the "usbdisk" boot parameter.


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