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  •  17 Jun 2005 03:15

Release Notes: This release features many bugfixes, including uselivemod fixes. The "changes=/dev/device" boot parameter was added. The /rootcopy/ directory was created in the Live CD tree to allow easy file modifications. Unionctl was patched to skip the stat() function, so your Live CD will handle all modules correctly now. A lot of documentation text was written to requirements.txt file.

  •  23 Feb 2005 06:57

Release Notes: This release adds a precompiled version of mksquashfs to the ./tools directory. A new precompiled unionfs is included, which fixes many fatal bugs. linuxrc now shows error messages if inserting kernel modules doesn't work. This release also includes a version of Busybox that was patched to support more than 8 loop devices (modules).

  •  02 Feb 2005 14:21

Release Notes: A fatal error in the previous release was fixed. Support for 2.6.10 kernels has been added.

  •  26 Jan 2005 23:23

Release Notes: This release fixed some issues and now tries to find the correct chroot binary at the end of booting.

  •  19 Jan 2005 02:46

Release Notes: This release implements a copy2ram (alias toram) boot option functionality, when the whole LiveCD is copied to RAM and is started from there.

  •  18 Jan 2005 04:01

Release Notes: The linuxrc and liblinuxlive scripts were rewritten from the scratch. The tools for module conversions were also rewritten and renamed. Configuration was unified to a single ./config file.

Release Notes: This version added initial support Linux 2.6 and working UnionFS and SquashFS modules for kernel 2.6.9. All scripts were rewritten and the initrd image is now created by using BusyBox.

  •  17 Oct 2004 13:36

Release Notes: One function in liblinuxlive was fixed. It could return an incomplete list of library dependencies, resulting in a LiveCD that didn't boot. A new "installimg" script has been created in /tools/. A toram boot option has been added as a synonym for copy2ram.

  •  31 Aug 2004 12:12

Release Notes: This release adds isolinux 2.11 to bootfiles. It adds a comment to the .requirements file that udev shouldn't be installed or else the LiveCD won't work.

  •  24 Aug 2004 04:12

Release Notes: This release modifies some functions to produce more useful information in the case of some error, the creation of initrd image doesn't depend on any kernel modules now (because they can be compiled directly into kernel). The .requirements file contains the note to remove the udev package in Slackware 10, else it won't work.


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