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Linux Debug is a functional clone of the old DOS for x86 linux. Functions include the ability to alter/examine memory and registers, set/clear breakpoints, step into and trace over, symmetric symbolic disassembler, and symbolic assembler. It has a simplified UI, and can work with bin and elf format files. Symbolic functions work only if debug symbols available in the file header. It features a NASM-compatible syntax for both disassembler and single line assembler.

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  •  26 Apr 2005 04:04

Release Notes: This release fixes GPFs in Help screens, adds symbols to the unassemble and asm commands, adds a write command for modified debugee program, cleans up the Help screen formats, cleans up gcc-3.3.x compilation, integrates logging asm output to a file, and adds specified register contents as address source for u, d, a, bp, and bt.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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