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Release Notes: This release merges 2.5.5 final. It backs out broken IDE changes, implements proper locking in ALSA lseek methods, and documents lseek locking, and introduces some ALSA and YMFPCI compile fixes. There was further console reentrancy work, an NFS compile fix, and fixes for some strsep changes from last time, tmpfs link-count on dir rename, and the USB vicam driver build. Terminal emulation has been split up, and the scsi_merge crash-on-boot problem has been fixed..

Release Notes: Changes to arch/ppc and include/asm-ppc were imported. APM now compiles properly and without warnings. A warning in /proc inode conversions was removed. The sparc64 build was cleaned up. Netfilter bugfixes were made. More build config files were added to the ignore list. The awful schedule_timeout polling code was replaced. The -K3 scheduler is now used. USB updates were made. Alpha SMP was updated for the new scheduler and preempt API change.

Release Notes: This patch contains the initial merge of DVD card driver, random number generator support for AMD768, an AMD768 to i810 driver PCI ident list, and initial AMD768 power management.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  11 Aug 2001 10:35

Release Notes: This release frees swap cache on swapin when swap is full, merges the emu10k sound driver (yes, you actually get sound out of this one), and adds several fixes, including one for a swapin/swapoff race condition.


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