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Release Notes: This release will clean up after SIGURG properly, will not write to reserved bits on the 815 GART, makes fcntl locking POSIX 2001 compliant, has updates for 3c59x and 8139too, fixes an mmap corner case, updates URLS for LDP documentation, fixes the rmem setting for low memory, has a reparent SCSI error thread to init, backports FPU init fixes, fixes an AGPgart crash on I830M/I845G, fixes link state reporting on generic phy code, and has a Tulip phy handling fix.

Release Notes: Several IA64 and PPC32 updates, a new fb API, and ISDN/CAPI updates, merging of the IDE 71 Patch for 2.5.18, updates to the block-IO, more VM/FS interaction updates, USB and driverfs, and several kbuild additions.

Release Notes: This release should be the last pre-patch before 2.4.19. It contains USB, emu10k1, and i2o fixes, a devfs fix, several gcc 3.1 compilation error fixes, support for I845G, USB Casio EM500, and Tieman Voyager USB Braille display drivers, and several documentation updates.

Release Notes: This release contains fixes for some PCMCIA devices (BadgePAD 4), PCI cleanups, kbuild, many USB-related fixes, and initial Netgear GA320T support.

Release Notes: The sparc64 architecture should now work, although this is untested. NUMA-Q NUMA arch support was merged from IBM. Various other fixes from the -ac branch were also merged. A minor bdflush tuning change was made to avoid stalling the char-writer in bonnie. initrd ram0 memory is now really released.

Release Notes: This release contains is unchanged from the previous release candidate, 2.2.21rc4.

Release Notes: Changes in this release include fixed ADFS map scanning code, preparations for hot-plug CPUs, more Pentium 4 thermal interrupt fixes, 64 bit jiffies, Intel I845G AGPGART support, numerous RAID5 fixes, the addition of the Farallon PN9100-T identification to the acenic driver, FATFS extension filters, and a set_cpus_allowed() optimisation.

Release Notes: This release includes Bluetooth support (no longer experimental), support for IDE TCQ (Tagged Command Queueing), a rewrite of the buffer layer, and a rewrite of the framebuffer layer.

Release Notes: This version includes new drivers and some bugfixes.

Release Notes: This patch includes a huge MIPS/MIPS64 merge, several other arch updates and introduces USB 2.0 support.


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