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Release Notes: This release includes a 2.4 IDE layer forward port, clean-ups in the agpgart driver, and various fixes.

Release Notes: 3ware driver updates, i8xx series chipsets patches, and more.

Release Notes: This release includes i2c updates 1-4, and NTFS 2.0.9/10, JFS updates, kbuild, IrDA, ALSA, and ISDN updates.

Release Notes: This version drops many obsolete/reversed changes, splits up agpgart backends into per vendor files, splits up IA32 MTRR driver into per-CPU files, adds more missing tqueue includes, marks some x86 SMP variables as initdata, offers P4 thermal monitoring when CONFIG_SMP=y, and adds missing kmalloc check to iphase driver. Ther is a new Poll/Select fast path optimisation, a fix in tcp_v6_get_port(), various work in the megaraid driver, it shrinks stack usage of check_nmi_watchdog(), there are various cleanups for the IJX telephony driver, a workaround for a lockd deadlock, and conversion of the SAA7110 driver.

Release Notes: Fixes, a new xpram driver, and IBM partition support were added for the S/390. Sparc64s can now use SUNW,power-off to power off some Ultra systems. Also added was wait queue function callback support, many kbuild patches, and compilation fixes.

Release Notes: This version should make CardBus work again, and fixes the IDE "oops on shutdown" problem. A big x86-64 merge was made, as well as lots of ACPI, IrDA, and IDE updates (as usual). A lot of compiler warning work was made, as well as SCSI cleanups.

Release Notes: Speakup support for blind users has been merged. There is CSB6 cable detect for Dell. PCI ids for Intel i8xx have been updated. AMD766 PCI IRQ router support has been added. There is an ACARD SCSI update. The idle-period bug in the APM parser has been fixed. There are printk levels for 3c501 ethernet. An AMD768 TCO watchdog driver has been added. The IDE port offset for pdc202xx has been fixed. Support for the Aptiva with Bose subwoofer has been added. SiS 745 AGP cards are auto-detected. There are more SCSI sparselun entries. A possible crash on shutdown with AF_ROSE has been fixed. There is Intel 845G IDE support. A DAC960 diff that went astray has been fixed. HP arrays have been added to the sparselun list.

Release Notes: Fixes for a 497 day uptime wrap, an updated ALSA VIA driver, and new test targets (allyes, allno, randconfig). Multiple shared file leases are now more stable, and i2c sysctls are now dependent upon CONFIG_SYSCTL. Problems were fixed with the compilation of Bluetooth when compiled in to the kernel, the quota format entry, suspend to RAM, and depmod and split-include warnings. There were also IDE updates up to -84, a merge of selected bits of kbuild2.5, a dynamic symbol limit for tkparse, escaped double quotes in files, software suspend cleanups, and airo driver janitor work.

Release Notes: This release contains the ACPI merge, merges from Dave Jones, IDE updates, a PPC64 update, and e100[0] driver updates.

Release Notes: This release includes Cpufreq updates, JFS updates, CPiA updates, and Intel microscope support. It includes fixes for vm86 locking errors on SMP, make clean for cl2llc, loop errors with highmem, and ipc/sem.c SuS/LSB compliance. It adds another drive quirk for the Promise drivers, merges external journal support for JFS, adds documentation about O(1) scheduler, includes O(1) scheduler tidy ups, fixes remaining extern inline users, includes cache alignment cleanups for SMP apic timers, includes Ext3 file system updates, fixes the 'dump corrupts live fs bug', and adds DAC960 devices to the init table.


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