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Release Notes: New architecture (cris), arm and mips updates, major IDE driver fixes, elevator fixes, and fixes to raw IO mode.

Release Notes: Merged all the pending NFS server fixes, updated to aic7xxx 5.1.32, fixed cs89x0 media selection, tidy APM stuff, make buggy bios selector tighter, fixed i2o config typo, network updates, fixed possible classifier hang, Sparc updates (nfs compat, syscalls), Sparc watchdog driver, removed experimental tag on QoS code, moved dumpable extra logic into binfmt avoiding, other changes to arch code, backed out old stuff, fixed sysctl miscastings from signed/unsigned, Alpha OSF syscall remove error printk, and don't trust IRQ routing on the ruffian ARC.

  •  09 Feb 2001 16:13

Release Notes: Fixed irlap speed changes and kfrees, further NTFS updates, fixed buglets in for aic7xxx, cleaned up irda QoS code, fixed mca documentations, fixed irlan device attach problems, fixed irda dongle crash case, changed Kaweth firmware loading, added DU-E10, pci_enable cleanups for networking, fixed rcpci45 probing, use SET_MODULE_OWNER() in lanstreamer, use pcmcia defines as per seperate pcmcia net, fixed people calling netif_start_queue from a timeout, removed 8129 driver (use 8139too), removed dead malloc.h from net drivers, updated eata driver to 6.04, added DE320 support to ne2.c, updated kernel hacking doc, fixed CPU detection offsets in head.S, and fixed apic init/cpu detect problems.

  •  09 Feb 2001 02:20

Release Notes: Fixed eepro100 reporting on lockup fix, cleaned up i810 error message, fixed S390 build bug, updated version id on cpqarray driver, further aic7xxx fixes, further maxiradio cleanups, changed ide to use mdelay cleanly, fixed duplicated ncpfs fix, improved inode hash function, corrected 62 misspellings of transferred, and updated AC97 codec setup and tables.

  •  08 Feb 2001 06:04

Release Notes: Fixed zero page corruption, elevator corruption fixes, fixed fdatasync possible corruption problem, further KSLI ethernet fixes, merged the correct version of the pm fixes, accounted for inode/dcache in free memory, added info on how to check reiserfsprogs versions, disabled write combining on serverworks LE chips, fixed via audio crashes, fixed ip accounting rules bug, handle USB printers that use device not interface descriptors, fixed wheel on graphire usb tablet, cleaned up maxiradio driver, fixed visor USB size reporting on buffers, updated USB serial documentation, fixed locking on etherworks3 ethernet, fixed empeg USB driver problems, generic USB serial driver fixes, updated USB serial, added more device support to mct_u232 USB, fixed typo in asm-ppc/semaphore.h, report reiserfs tools in ver_linux, fixed resource leaks in NCR_53c406, atari_scsi and qlogicisp, moved pci_enable_device earlier for hamachi, Type 6 drives are apparently floppy 2.88M, and removed duplicate pci_enable_device in ne2kpci.

  •  07 Feb 2001 05:22

Release Notes: Fixed sk_in use counting in svcsock.c, added support for KLSI USB ethernet, updated aic7xxx driver, added help for CONFIG_INPUT, 3c523 driver update, fixed reiserfs Changes entry further, limited ide scatter gather to 128 blocks, merged hppa changes, fixed tx timeout recovery on via rhine, fixed stale comments in fs/block_dev.c, further defxx driver work, winbond 840 reported wrong setting value, Guillemot Maxi radio support, and allowed sleeping in pm callbacks but with locking.

  •  05 Feb 2001 17:03

Release Notes: Removed ancient dead net/Changes file, merged Linus 2.4.2pre1, resync xirc2ps with Dave Hinds tree, finished sorting out ramfs problems, updated AWE32 documentation, removed reference to dead PPP documentation, made max_map tunable, fixed dead references to java support in some arch/config, made shmfs estimate size limits if none set, reverted Crusoe hanging pci hanging changes, merged HPPA hackers into CREDITS, merged some of the HPPA updates, added Reiserfs tools to changes, fixed i2o typo, added SuperH HD64465 host bridge support, fixed modversion.h includes, updated Tlan driver probing, and changed media drivers to use new style module locking.

Release Notes: Mainly a number of small details and some driver updates. The socket datagram handling one is important, and has already been posted separately on linux-kernel. The VIA driver update is rather important if you have one of the newer VIA chipsets.

  •  03 Feb 2001 12:09

Release Notes: Fixed matrox G450 framebuffer support, fixed description of DMA-mapping.txt, fixed accidental revert of classifier bug, fixed accidental revert of isdn change, fixed datagram hang on shutdown, fixed 64bit build of clntproc, fixed ide toc caching bug introduced in 2.4.0, Swapfs renaming and final bits, further APIC/NMI updates, added further kernel doc contributions, ACPI battery tweaks, further ramfs fixes, ROMFS fixes, CS4281 fixes, shifted to authors official fixes for acenic, and updated the usb host<->host network drivers.

  •  03 Feb 2001 12:08

Release Notes: This merges the majority of the pending patches. The sysctl stuff isn't done yet and the dumpable stuff needs verification. See the changelog for details.


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A tool that analyzes RCS files and emits an equivalent history in the form of a fast-import stream.