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Release Notes: Many fairly small changes were made, including noteworthy fixes to the kernel scheduler.

Release Notes: Besides bugfixes, support for "sysenter" was added on x86 platforms.

Release Notes: This patch includes the merge of the XFS journaling file system and updates to console code, NTFS, IDE, USB, and FireWire.

Release Notes: This errata release contains backported fixes for multiple small kernel errors found in the 2.4 code. 2.2 based users who have untrusted local users should update to this kernel. Bugs were also fixed in the HDLC layer, and support for the newest 3ware IDE RAID cards was added.

Release Notes: This version syncs up the syscall table with 2.5, adds extended attributes syscalls to PPC32, includes a huge MIPS update, and an IA64 sync.

Release Notes: This release contains code from the support for discontigous memory, which is part of the effort to support ccNUMA. It also covers IPv4 and IPv6, Sparc, Alpha, PCI/AGP, and other aspects of the kernel development.

Release Notes: A huge number of updates and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds IDE, USB, ACPI, and input layer updates, C99 named initializers, driverfs races, SCSI driver, serial and parallel port SMP fixes, a new LDM driver, CPU hotplug infrastructure, and many other updates and fixes.

Release Notes: This version includes the removal of the global IRQ lock, more USB updates, fbdev, and PPC64. IDE issues were fixed.

Release Notes: This version starts the LSM merge, and merges Rik's rmap patch. There was an AGP split and cleanup. IDE patches 99-100 are included, along with 4GB FAT32 support. There were also more USB updates.


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