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Release Notes: This release adds the laptop "mode" functionality already present in recent SuSE/RH kernels, adds the megaraid2 (improved, faster, but not so extensively tested as the old megaraid) driver, adds BIOS EDD (enhanced disk detection) support, and contains a USB update and a network update, amongst other fixes. -rc stage should hopefully be reached in more or less one month.

Release Notes: This version contains an USB update, PPC merge, m68k merge, IDE changes from Alan, a network drivers update from Jeff, amongst other fixes and updates.

Release Notes: 2.4.22-rc4 was released as 2.4.22 with no changes.

Release Notes: The bulk of the diff by far is various architecture updates, and in particular bringing MIPS[64] a bit closer to being up-to-date for 2.6.x. There are arm, alpha, h8300, and ia64 updates, too. Merging the SELinux security architecture also ends up growing the patch, even though it may not be all that noticeable for most users. For most x86 users, the CPU frequency updates, network driver updates, and some USB updates are most likely to matter.

Release Notes: The probably most notable thing in this version is the anticipatory scheduler, which has been in -mm for a long time, and was the major piece that hadn't been merged. Some architecture updates: cris has been updated for 2.5, ia64, and arm26.

Release Notes: Updates were made all over the code. The patch is big mostly because of a merge with the MIPS/MIPS64 and SH ports. The network drivers, USB, PnP, SCTP, s390, and other subsystems were updated.

Release Notes: This version is targeted for submission to mainline 2.5. It diverges in several respects, including the removal of some networking functionality, major changes to the SELinux API, the addition of extended attribute support, and various code cleanups and simplifications.

Release Notes: This version adds the new aic7xxx driver.

Release Notes: This massive patch comes with lots of updates and fixes. The 2.5.70 patch represents the last "Linus only" release before the pre-2.6 releases come out.

Release Notes: This release is planned to be the last -pre before the new -rc/stable of the 2.4.21.


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