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Release Notes: Like the previous release candidates, this one has many bugfixes and few new features. Since the previous release 9580 files were changed, 856298 insertions were made, and 478091 deletions were made.

  •  02 Feb 2010 00:04

Release Notes: This release only enhances e1000: frame fragment detection, resulting in 67 files getting changed, 3104 insertions, and 155 deletions to the previous code.

Release Notes: This release has 67 files changes, 3096 insertions, and 156 deletions from the previous release.

Release Notes: In this sixth development release candidate, 9518 files were changed. There were 850897 insertions and 475944 deletions.

Release Notes: This is another release with minor fixes and additions.

  •  27 Jan 2010 17:34

Release Notes: This is another minor release with more fixes and additions.

Release Notes: The build options were adjusted so that gcc stops hiding some possible bugs. Several remotely triggerable crash bugs in the R8169 driver were fixed. A few other minor fixes from various contributors were merged. Upgrading is recommended for r8169 users, if any.

Release Notes: This version adds support for the Ext4 filesystem, Ultra Wide Band (Wireless USB, UWB-IP), memory performance improvements, a boot tracer, disk shock protection, the phonet network protocol, support for SSD discard requests, transparent proxy support, several new network drivers, controllable IO CPU affinity, high-resolution poll()/select(), support of a minimal "dummy" policy in SELinux, tracing improvements, x86 x2APIC support, a fb driver for VIA UniChrome devices, Mitac Mio A701 ARM-based smartphone support, some new drivers, and many small improvements and fixes.

Release Notes: This version contains all the fixes from, plus a few minor add-ons, such as better support for many recent SATA controllers, automatic unregistering of usb-storage devices, support for the rootdelay cmdline parameter allowing one to boot on USB devices, addition of the netfilter classify patch, support for AMD Geode's I2C, watchdog and RNG. Users of 2.4.36 are encouraged to test and upgrade, as 2.4.36 will not be maintained very long now.

  •  07 Sep 2008 19:13

Release Notes: Several SCTP fixes (including CVE-2008-2826). A fix for a missing capabilities check in sbni.c (CVE-2008-3525). A few sanity checks have been added to the PPPoE driver from 2.6. There is a conntrack fix and other minor fixes. Documentation has been added to explain how to build a compatible version of GCC on recent distributions.


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Standards-compliant Java persistence via JDO/JPA/REST and RDBMS/MongoDB/Neo4j/Excel/LDAP.


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An all-in-one Internet application suite.