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Release Notes: This release includes various bits from 2.4.19-pre10, unbreaks sys_capset(), and merges CPU frequency scaling.

Release Notes: Fixes for a 497 day uptime wrap, an updated ALSA VIA driver, and new test targets (allyes, allno, randconfig). Multiple shared file leases are now more stable, and i2c sysctls are now dependent upon CONFIG_SYSCTL. Problems were fixed with the compilation of Bluetooth when compiled in to the kernel, the quota format entry, suspend to RAM, and depmod and split-include warnings. There were also IDE updates up to -84, a merge of selected bits of kbuild2.5, a dynamic symbol limit for tkparse, escaped double quotes in files, software suspend cleanups, and airo driver janitor work.

  •  04 Jun 2002 00:58

Release Notes: Fixed some problems caused by patch-splitting, made changes to kbuild, fixed support for egcs, and applied an emu10k1 compile fix and framebuffer updates.

Release Notes: Fixes were made for typos in the net-sched patch from last time, for software delays in clps711xfb, for a formatting problem in the PCMCIA, and for problems in compiling HFS, ide-scsi, matroxfb, and OPL3. More 64-bit fixes were made to the x86-64 MTRR driver. A work-around was added for the P4 Xeon errata O37. Duplication in siginfo.h and asm/errno.h was removed.

Release Notes: Changes in this release include fixed ADFS map scanning code, preparations for hot-plug CPUs, more Pentium 4 thermal interrupt fixes, 64 bit jiffies, Intel I845G AGPGART support, numerous RAID5 fixes, the addition of the Farallon PN9100-T identification to the acenic driver, FATFS extension filters, and a set_cpus_allowed() optimisation.

Release Notes: This release merges 2.5.5 final. It backs out broken IDE changes, implements proper locking in ALSA lseek methods, and documents lseek locking, and introduces some ALSA and YMFPCI compile fixes. There was further console reentrancy work, an NFS compile fix, and fixes for some strsep changes from last time, tmpfs link-count on dir rename, and the USB vicam driver build. Terminal emulation has been split up, and the scsi_merge crash-on-boot problem has been fixed..

  •  12 Feb 2002 09:32

Release Notes: This patch merges with 2.5.4.

  •  11 Feb 2002 09:29

Release Notes: Version 2.5.4pre5 of Linus' branch was merged. A ptrace PEEKUSR oops was fixed. Tridentfb resource management fixes were made. kthread abstraction was done.


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