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Linux Multilayer Switch

Linux Multilayer Switch is part of a larger project that aims at building a Linux-based Layer 2 and 3 switching appliance. It implements ethernet layer 2 switching with VLAN (802.1q) support and VLAN virtual interfaces for inter-VLAN routing.

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Release Notes: Linux was upgraded to 2.6.21. Support for Xen was added. IPC components were refactored. A new framework for passing packets from kernel to userspace and vice-versa was added. Assorted bugfixes and code cleanps were done.

Release Notes: The kernel was updated support to Linux 2.6.19.

Release Notes: This release adds Cisco Discovery Protocol. There are bugfixes to the userspace and kernel code. This release has been updated to 2.6.17.

  •  29 Jun 2006 02:24

Release Notes: Bugfixes and an update to Linux 2.6.16.


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