Version 1.0.1 of Linux-HA

Release Notes: New features include support for many new STONITH devices, an application monitoring subsystem, unicast support, standby capability, IP connection montoring (IPfail), improved realtime performance, CCM membership subsystem, ability to specify fractional seconds in times, *BSD and Solaris compatibility, documentation improvements, and extensions to the heartbeat client API. Bugfixes include improved STONITH operations, new test cases, compatibility with new compilers and libraries, split-brain recovery, better tracking of child processes, more robustness with respect to timing issues, and portability improvements.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release has significant bugfixes and enhancements, making it a worthwhile upgrade for anyone running R2 CRM-style configurations, or who would like to. An OCF RA for Xen guests and Chinese GUI support have been added. ipfail has been replaced and generalized (limited testing). Master/slave testing and fixes. Significant cibadmin fixes.

Release Notes: GUI management tools were added to simplify the configuration work. Support for monitoring by Common Information Model (CIM) agents was also added. The crm_verify tool was created for checking configuration validity. Support for time and phase-of-the-moon based constraints was added. Many improvements to the handling of resource groups were done. DC order was changed to shutdown after every other node. Several memory leaks and CPU consuming bugs were fixed.

  •  24 Sep 2005 00:33

Release Notes: A bug in the ping directive was fixed. A check was added to BasicSanityCheck to check the ping and ping_group directives. cl_status nodestatus was fixed to return success if a node has the status "ping". A memory leak in the CRM's LRM interface code was fixed along with the code that determines which version of the CRM becomes the DC when basic CIB schema versions differ. It now prefers the older version to be DC instead of the newer version.

Release Notes: This release adds date and time-based constraints. It improves the efficiency of netstring encoding. It has new CLI tools for updating the cluster configuration, and cloned resource notification enhancements. A dozen or so minor bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release provides support for monitoring of resources (services) and support for larger clusters that has been tested with 16 nodes. Simple clusters are simple to create, and more complex clusters can take advantage of rule-based resource placement methods to ensure that the cluster does exactly what is desired when failures occur. This release has undergone exhaustive automated testing compiles with zero warnings, and passes a static analyzer with no complaints.


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