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  •  22 Aug 2008 02:21

Release Notes: This release adds import of Touchstone(r) two-port files. Until now, only version 1.0 files were correctly parsed, though (hopefully) completely with all parameter types and input formats. The Spanish translation has been updated. The manual has been updated with this info.

  •  11 Jul 2006 11:22

Release Notes: This release adds the vector-generated background map for the chart. The configuration has been modified to allow for definition of the background color of the vector chart. The font selection for the vector chart has been corrected. A config parameter has been added to set the initial size of the vector chart. The chart generation has been optimized by eliminating symmetric reactance circles from the table. The table has been modified into a proper .h and .c file.

  •  24 Aug 2004 11:23

Release Notes: This release adds an #include of getopt.h to main.c. (some configurations need it, and it really should be there). The effect of changing the value scrollbars is now immediately visible on the chart.

  •  26 Jul 2004 10:23

Release Notes: Chinese and Spanish translations have been added. A bug when clicking 'Modify' on the loads page has been corrected.


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