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  •  20 Nov 2010 18:40

Release Notes: The GUI interface now stores its option settings, and the configuration file can be edited. When viewed in the GUI, the parent URL source can be saved to a local file. Several checking bugs have also been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds options to check the HTML and CSS syntax of downloaded pages, and parses Shockwave Flash (SWF) files for URLs to check. Pressing Ctrl-C twice aborts the program immediately. Also included are minor bugfixes regarding HTTP pipelining, HTML parsing, and mail address checks.

Release Notes: The CGI script does not restrict the recursion limit anymore. The HTML documentation is now included in the source tarball.

Release Notes: A new custom XML logger was added. URLs with temporary or bogus errors are no longer cached. A build failure on FreeBSD systems was fixed.

Release Notes: The Spanish translation has been updated, and the URL list uses a faster queue algorithm.

Release Notes: This release runs as a background task with low process priority. A new --priority option has been added to run it with normal process priority. The new --no-proxy-for option allows you to specify hosts that should be contacted directly without any proxy, regardless of the current proxy configuration. If the python-geoip module and a local GeoIP database are found, the GeoIP country information will be added to the log output of a URL. Quoted as well as unquoted URLs in CSS files are now correctly parsed. A bug causing false positives in HTTP redirections has been fixed.

Release Notes: The CSV output format now uses commas instead of semicolons. A crash when displaying FTP error messages has been fixed. The search for link names in HTML files is now 2-10 times faster. The Psyco Python extension is now supported. The robots.txt parser now sends the correct User-agent HTTP header when retreiving robots.txt files. A question is asked before overwriting old profiling data.

Release Notes: Support for parsing text files containing one URL per line has been added. Configuration and installer scripts to generate a binary .exe Windows installer have been added. Checking of FTP URLs without user or password information has been fixed. A misnamed variable in the HTTP redirection code has been corrected.

Release Notes: Performance improvements for checking large Web sites have been made. The HTML parser copes with tag attributes that have missing start quotes. CSS files are now fully parsed for properties containing URLs.

Release Notes: This version resolves issues with backslashes in attributes and missing quotes in the integrated HTML parser. Its HTTP check routines now automatically fall back to GET requests when the initial HEAD request produces an error. It fixes use of the -C cookie option, adds bash auto-completion support for the command line script's options, and adds an example cron script that can check links on a daily basis.


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