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17 Feb 2005 02:01 dbu

Re: Review of version 2.0
The upcoming new release of LinkBase has addressed the problem of integrating LinkBase into websites. All table names can be centrally configured and there is one single file to include, which does not generate a full html page, but just the content. That way you can integrate it into your web page.
There is no release yet, look at the CVS.

12 Jun 2003 15:02 valiant

Review of version 2.0
Great link collection script. The best so far for storing public and private links for each user at the same time. It lacks of some more elaborate features as found in bookmarks4u, but then, it's the best for public/private use + it has great looks.

Another negative point: Integration into your database driven website.
Assume you want to integrate linkbase into your already existing session/user management of your website.
The sql queries which concern the user table are distributed over all files. You've got to edit every single user-table query if your user table is not fully compatible with linkbase (i.e. fields with the same name, different values, different meanings as "user_level",...

But overall it's really cool, otherwise I wouldn't use it :)


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