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LingoTeach is a language teaching program and library that use a session-based concept to teach languages from definable lesson files. It currently supports more than 16 languages, and sounds of native speakers for English, Spanish, and German exist.


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Release Notes: In this release, all specifications of the lingoteach lesson files are implemented. It has phonetic transcription support in the learning sessions, and has enhanced property dialogs to reflect the meaning information. Some minor bugs have been fixed, and the application interface is more compliant to the Gnome HIG specification. A basic import plugin for KVocTrain lessons is available.

Release Notes: In this release, session-based learning with multiple lessons at one time is available. The application now supports command line options and the editor has been improved in various ways. It is possible to create new lessons, save existing lessons into new files, and several other options. Better accessibility and plugin handling was implemented, and lesson translations for Slovak Slovenian and Dutch were added.

  •  25 Nov 2003 14:25

Release Notes: In this release several bugs were fixed. A hard preferences dialog bug, which caused the application to crash immediately on various Linux distributions, was fixed. The 'Used' switch for the lessons will now work as it should. A Spanish localization is included.

  •  17 Oct 2003 02:57

Release Notes: In this release the user interface was completely rewritten to make the whole application more flexible. This version is now able to display and handle multiple languages at the same time and deal with lessons in a better way. The editor was replaced by a search and browse feature with a tree like structure and a new configuration and preference system was made, which can handle plugins.

  •  30 Jun 2003 22:15

Release Notes: In this version, new sounds were added. Spanish sounds for the basic lesson are now complete and German sounds are in progress. It now officially has translations for sixteen languages. It is now user configurable, and can now use multiple lesson files at the same time.


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