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LineControl Server

LineControl allows you to remotely control the Internet connection of a Linux masquerading server using multiple clients. It takes care with the number of clients using the connection and decides upon this number whether the connection should be up or down. The clients show the time the connection is up and throughput statistics. Different connection types are supported, such as analog modems, ISDN, or even cable modems and ADSL devices.

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  •  20 Mar 2005 11:30

Release Notes: A compile bug introduced by MySQL 4.1.x headers has been fixed.

  •  08 Oct 2004 05:33

Release Notes: Newer libmysqlclient functions are now used, as the old ones are no longer supported by some distributions. The email addresses and several URLs were updated. Some compiler warnings were eliminated.

  •  16 Nov 2003 06:38

Release Notes: The LCD feature now supports two different LCD sizes. A compile time bug has been fixed.

  •  19 Jul 2003 13:24

Release Notes: The AVM capi drivers for Linux caused some problems for linesrv (especially when they had to dial a long phone number), so linesrv crashed in certain cases. This should be fixed now.

  •  03 Nov 2002 07:18

Release Notes: A problem with mapping the correct day and month in lclog was fixed, linesrv now compiles on the IA64 and HP-PA, and fixes were made for GCC 3.x.


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