Comments for Linux Easy Access Keyboard

09 Jun 2002 17:46 rennie

lineakd 0.3.4 problems
Apparently, there are still problems in lineakd version 0.3.4 ... some causing segfaults on occasion (although on my system it works)
I am tracing the problems... thanks for your understanding and patience!

07 Jun 2002 11:02 rennie

Downloading files
Note on downloading: do not use "Save as..." to download the files. Just left-click to follow!
The files are hosted on and do not download directly!

07 Jun 2002 09:23 rennie

Re: lineakd 0.3.3 vs lineakconfig 0.3 issues
Well... all finished =)
lineakconfig 0.3.1 is now compatible with lineakd 0.3.3 and higher

05 Jun 2002 16:53 rennie

lineakd 0.3.3 vs lineakconfig 0.3 issues
IMPORTANT NOTE: due to pid code changes, lineakd 0.3.3 is not compatible with lineakconfig 0.3.
I am working my ass off, and I hope to finish lineakconfig 0.3.1 soon, which -will- be compatible with lineakd 0.3.3.

05 Jun 2002 16:33 rennie

Packagers wanted
I am looking for various packagers (.deb .rpm .tgz you name it)
If you're interested, please contact me.

29 May 2002 10:28 rennie

lineakconfig 0.3
To use lineakconfig 0.3, please upgrade to lineakd 0.3.2 since it fixes a critical bug.

22 May 2002 08:25 rennie

Incompatibility issues
Important note: lineakd 0.3 is NOT compatible with lineakconfig 0.1 or Klineakconfig 0.1, because of the new file format.
When you want to use lineakd 0.3, you can edit the lineakd.conf file by hand and send the lineakd process a HUP signal for the time being.
lineakconfig 0.2 and Klineakconfig 0.2 are in developement and will be compatible with lineakd 0.3

24 Apr 2002 03:37 rennie

Slackware packages
For those of you looking for Slackware .tgz packages,
please see the download page at the projects homepage (

13 Mar 2002 03:29 rennie

Re: LinEAK downloads
Well, the branches are much clearer now,
so the downloads should be easier to find :-)

11 Mar 2002 17:04 rennie

LinEAK downloads
I appologize if you have any trouble locating the proper downloads here at freshmeat.
I am trying to get things right...
You can always visit the homepage (or page) if you fail your needs :)
And... you can always contact me.


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