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Linux Easy Access Keyboard

Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards features X11 support, window manager independence, ability to configure all keys (via GUI & .conf file), volume control, and sound controls.

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Release Notes: Versioning was implemented.

Release Notes: An amarok plugin was added. Bugfixes were made. Versioning was added to the plugin.

  •  27 Oct 2004 07:11

Release Notes: The MediaDetect plugin was added. Plugin bugfixes were made.

  •  27 Oct 2004 07:10

Release Notes: Bugfixes were made. All modules now report their version and warn on a version mismatch.

Release Notes: The plugin package was updated to the new lineakd 0.8 architecture. Plugins now include KSCD plugins, as well as on screen display customizations and enhancements to existing plugins.

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09 Jun 2002 17:46 rennie Thumbs up

lineakd 0.3.4 problems
Apparently, there are still problems in lineakd version 0.3.4 ... some causing segfaults on occasion (although on my system it works)
I am tracing the problems... thanks for your understanding and patience!

07 Jun 2002 11:02 rennie Thumbs up

Downloading files
Note on downloading: do not use "Save as..." to download the files. Just left-click to follow!
The files are hosted on and do not download directly!

07 Jun 2002 09:23 rennie Thumbs up

Re: lineakd 0.3.3 vs lineakconfig 0.3 issues
Well... all finished =)
lineakconfig 0.3.1 is now compatible with lineakd 0.3.3 and higher

05 Jun 2002 16:53 rennie Thumbs up

lineakd 0.3.3 vs lineakconfig 0.3 issues
IMPORTANT NOTE: due to pid code changes, lineakd 0.3.3 is not compatible with lineakconfig 0.3.
I am working my ass off, and I hope to finish lineakconfig 0.3.1 soon, which -will- be compatible with lineakd 0.3.3.

05 Jun 2002 16:33 rennie Thumbs up

Packagers wanted
I am looking for various packagers (.deb .rpm .tgz you name it)
If you're interested, please contact me.


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