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  •  14 Feb 2006 05:05

Release Notes: Improvements were made in SJA1000 error handling and reporting. i82527 support was fixed. Simple UDEV support was added. Updates were made for kernels up to 2.6.15 and fully preemptive kernel compatibility. Support for MX1_DIS1 extension board for PiMX1 ARM based BCC was added and tested successfully. Support for more third-party boards was added, but an insufficient amount of test reports was received. Only compatibility with 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernels will be taken into account for the next releases (2.2.x is too old now).

  •  13 Jul 2005 16:26

Release Notes: Small improvements, RTR read moved into a separate IOCTL, and initial support for some boards contributed by users.

  •  11 Nov 2004 07:57

Release Notes: SJA1000 chip IRQ handling was changed. VME and EMS CPC-PCI support were enhanced, and many other changes and bugfixes were made. The full OCERA CAN/CANopen framework targeted to LinCAN driver has been released as well. This framework contains a Java CAN/CANopen monitor, a highly configurable CANopen slave, and a simple master to provide access to CAN/CANopen over an Ethernet network.

  •  01 May 2004 06:39

Release Notes: This release supports the OMK Make system. It can be built with or without RT-Linux support out of the box. The OMK-enabled version requires GNU make 3.81beta1 or newer. The behavior of the standard make version of LinCAN can be achieved by copying the files in Makefile.std over the Makefile files in the ".", "src", and "utils" directories. The RT-Linux build requires RTL malloc support and looks for the DID Memory Allocator OCERA component. This release adds support for Unicontrols P-CAN PC104 cards and some other cleanups.


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