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LinAl was designed to bring together C++ and FORTRAN. At the same time LinAl is supposed to be easy to use, fast, and reasonably safe. The LinAl library is based on STL techniques and uses STL containers for the storage of matrix data and STL algorithms where feasible. Low level, algebraic operators, linear solvers, and eigenvalue solvers are implemented, based on calls to BLAS, LAPACK, and CGSOLX.

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Recent releases

  •  03 Dec 2002 14:32

    Release Notes: The matrix classes have been rewritten to have the element type as a template parameter. Besides the interface to blas/lapack, new support for arpack/arpack++ (eigen value related problems) and superLU (sparse and non-symmentric matrices) has been added. In addition, a new package, called "LinAl-pak", is available in parallel to the LinAl package. It contains the mentioned libraries (arpack, arpack++, superlu) in addition to LinAl together with several patches for either fixing some bugs or ensuring a smooth integration into LinAl.

    •  21 Nov 2000 04:32

      Release Notes: Initial announcement.


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      Project Spotlight

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