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  •  16 Feb 2005 16:10

Release Notes: This release adds UPnP support to open firewalls for TCP connections to applications. Support for creative commons licenses and searches has been added. Firewall to firewall support now works in more cases and uses less bandwidth.

  •  17 Nov 2004 13:14

Release Notes: Firewall to firewall transfer between two firewalled users. The ability to pause downloads. Faster connections. Ogg support in the new MP3 player. An improved look and feel.

  •  18 May 2004 13:18

Release Notes: A new user interface including a new connection quality meter that gives user feedback on the stability of their network connection. A “What’s New?” feature allowing users to browse the network for the most recent content additions. The ability to search drill down results. Searches now immediately display the artists, albums, and other information that fully describes files. Each search shows at least five times as many results as previously. Support for international searches. Reduced load time.

  •  13 Feb 2004 01:14

Release Notes: This version features faster connection on startup, a connection strength meter, progress bars for searches, support for international searches in any language, a much better internal MP3 player, improved downloading of the last 1% of a file, a MagnetMix button for distributing files via the Magnet protocol, support for more media types, improved downloading logic, improved efficiency of indexing, and better host information.

  •  22 Oct 2003 08:07

Release Notes: New Out-of-band delivery gives you more search results faster. A "Tip of the day" feature that cycles through helpful tips on using LimeWire was added. Search results are now automatically sorted by the size of the result group that improves download success. Better, more efficient handling of upload slots and search results was implemented. Preliminary architecture to more robustly determine whether or not a computer is behind a firewall was added. 3 ultrapeer and 3 leaf slots are now reserved for non-LimeWire clients. The status column was stabilized to properly report download sources.

  •  09 Aug 2003 00:22

Release Notes: Push Proxies were implemented for improved downloads from behind a firewall. The block host filter was fixed and brought back. 3-4 star results are displayed for push proxy results. Themes for Mac Classic were added.

  •  22 Jun 2003 20:33

Release Notes: The skin can be adjusted to your own custom theme. There are higher quality search results from more selective result responses, lower bandwidth use through compression and pong caching, faster local results through improved multicast network support, better, more responsive downloads, lower CPU, file descriptor, and memory utilization, and support for packaged media files.

  •  03 Apr 2003 14:35

Release Notes: This release has moved from the standard Gnutella broadcast model for searches to a more efficient dynamic query algorithm. Along with inter-ultrapeer QRP, requery filtering, and higher outdegree/lower TTL, these Gnutella extensions leave the network quiet. Searches are majorly improved. Active pruning has also been added to the download mesh, and alternate sources of content are working well.

  •  29 Oct 2002 20:16

Release Notes: This release adds remote queuing for better downloading, the ability to resume from incomplete files, better download meshes leading to better swarming, safer resumes of files, internationalization which now works on the Mac Classic, significantly better translations (Japanese, Chinese, German, etc), and updated default GWebCache locations for distributed connections.

  •  16 Jul 2002 17:11

Release Notes: "Browse Host" is back. There are parallel connections on downloads, and full support for the "Hash/Urn Gnutella Extension (HUGE)". It's a first step towards a "Content Addressable Network (CAN)". Bitzi metadata lookup allows you to get more information about files. German and French versions are available. The downloader now checks for corrupt files by looking at overlapping regions. Shared files are loaded more quickly on startup. This release connects to the network more robustly, has installer improvements to save your setting across installs, has full support for HTTP HEAD requests, and throttles outgoing bandwidth for ultrapeers.


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