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Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed and new translations for Occitan and Spanish (Argentinia) were added. A new export_timeline function was added to the RemoteControl API to be able to export response rates on surveys. The translations for about 50+ languages were updated.

Release Notes: A bug with IE was fixed where input fields were not accessible after file upload. Trying to filter statistics by an array question choice resulted in an error, which was fixed. HTML entities visible in statistics graphs were fixed. Other minor issues were also fixed. The Chinese, Czech ,Dutch, Estonian, French, Greek, Hindi, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Russian, Slovenian, and Ukrainian translations were updated.

Release Notes: This release adds a SOAP Web service to remote-control LimeSurvey. It has enhanced accessibility for handicapped people. There are new question types and many more small features.

Release Notes: A new Arabic translation was added. The Norwegian Nynorsk, French, Bulgarion, Albanian, Greek, and Italian translations were updated. Several fixes for stylesheets were applied. Problems with editing users and template rights using MSSQL server were fixed. Problems with SMTP and SSL were fixed. Markup for mandatory errors in Sherpa template was improved.

Release Notes: Template preview to survey settings was added. The template editor can now handle a related template CSS file. Prefix and Suffix Question Attributes for Short Text,, Multiple Short Text, and Numerical input were added. The new attribute "other_replace_text" allows use of alternative text to "Other" for question types that have this option. An Icelandic translation was added. Translations for Chinese Traditional, Danish, Korean, Latvian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Spanish, and Portuguese were updated. There are minor security fixes.

Release Notes: This new release includes several small bugfixes, especially in the template editor. Some existing languages were updated and Macedonian, Estonian, and Bosnian languages were added.

Release Notes: This release completes the 'templates' feature, and includes various other improvements (like consistency checking for admin). Three templates are included with the script, and other templates will be made available from the site as they are developed.


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