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Release Notes: Major improvements in this release include support for Kievan square notation, improved user and programming interfaces, and more versatile music functions.

Release Notes: The GUI on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 was fixed. Dozens of bugfixes were backported from the unstable development version. It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version. This is the last planned release in the 2.12 stable series.

Release Notes: A new page breaking algorithm will tune both horizontal and vertical spacing. Hence, page turns will only fall at rests or places that you mark explicitly. Internal rewrites were done that make it possible to output a much simpler intermediate format. In the long term, this will enable other programs to read LilyPond music. The release also includes support for falls and doits, dashed barlines, al niente hairpins, right hand fingerings for guitar, better formatting of tied chords, automatic beaming, and nested tuplets.

Release Notes: The newest version adds three major typographical improvements. First, page layout has been improved with options to tune vertical spacing per system, to set the total number of systems, and to visualize page parameters. Second, algorithmic notation buffs will love the new exact proportional spacing, where mixed exotic rhythms and nested tuplets still produce mathematically consistent spacing. Third, the tied chord formatting was greatly improved, and each offending tie configuration can be overridden.

  •  08 Dec 2005 02:42

Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed, mostly in packaging.

Release Notes: LilyPond now installs easily on Windows, MacOS X, and any version of Linux. Pango text formatting lets you print Unicode lyrics in your favorite script and font. It now also creates SVG files, which you can edit in Inkscape. In addition, there are many more small improvements.

Release Notes: This version no longer relies on TeX to do titling and page layout, but distributes page breaks optimally to produce evenly spaced pages, while respecting user-specified turning points. The slur formatting code has been completely rewritten, and now yields classical engraving quality results for most cases. In addition, this version adds fret diagrams, a safe execution mode for Web server use, a further simplified input format, better typography for ledger lines, many bugfixes, and a fully revised and updated manual.

Release Notes: This release has completely revamped support for for orchestral score formatting, cue notes, font size management, lyric formatting, drum notation/playback, and document integration. In addition, it has numerous syntax simplifications, proper support for 8va brackets, and a completely updated manual.

Release Notes: This release dramatically simplifies many parts of the syntax, making it easier to use than ever before. Other improvements include quarter-tone accidentals and conditional inclusion of music fragments. It makes a solid platform for working on notation and typography features for coming versions.

  •  09 Sep 2003 17:05

Release Notes: This release squashes a couple of minor bugs in the chordnames, glissandi, and fingerings.


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