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  •  02 Nov 2002 01:23

Release Notes: The "mem=size@start" command line was added for 2.4 kernels. In the boot installer, the exit() call was removed from unbootable() so that error messages are displayed. Some boot errors when the boot record relocation occured in a RAID1 installation were fixed, along with a problem with the partition table overwrite check.

  •  25 Sep 2002 23:18

Release Notes: Fixes to 'mem=' to recognize kernel 2.4 syntax, and code cleanups.

  •  12 Sep 2002 20:17

Release Notes: Recognition of the "mem=<size>@<start>" command line parameter introduced with the 2.4 kernels (binary release only with a PGP signature).

  •  31 Aug 2002 00:23

Release Notes: Added the EVMS support patch, and reworked the UNSAFE keyword for hard drives. Minor bugs were fixed, including one with the -p flag and 256 heads. The new RAID1 implementation is not compatible with version 21, so people using version 21 should read 'README.raid1' before installing these new codes.

  •  11 Jul 2002 14:34

Release Notes: This release corrects 'mbr.S' to properly use LBA32 addressing. This affects only the "lilo -M ..." command.

  •  16 Jun 2002 18:31

Release Notes: A fix for a 'change-rule' bug in chain loader, cosmetic updates to 'lilo -T ebda' output formatting, and support for booting arbitrary binaries with 'pseudo.b' in the source directory.

Release Notes: New README files were written and other documentation updates were made.

Release Notes: Attempting to reduce the number of warning messages issued when used with the 2.4.18 kernel, minor bugfixes, and minor cosmetic updates.

  •  20 May 2002 05:07

Release Notes: In this release the distribution consists of /sbin/lilo ONLY, and all *.b files are incorporated within this file (builtin). A bitmap file header editor was incorporated. The map file unifies the second stage, chain, message file, and bitmap files. -F and -B flags were added, and the chain loader will now pass a command line to a second LILO installation. Boot protocol 0203h is now supported, and a "large-memory" option was added to force initial ramdisk loading to highest memory. "vga=" on command line now allows any radix input.

Release Notes: This release includes enhancements and bugfixes. An editor to update position information in bitmap splash screen headers was added. This is a beta release, and as such produces more verbose boot messages.


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