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  •  11 Mar 2003 22:23

Release Notes: Two classes of problem reports have been received regarding the recently released LILO 22.5. Both problems have been tracked to BIOS glitches on certain systems. Both problems are addressed with this update. Also, the boot sector backup mechanism is now handled in a more consistent fashion. The diagnostic floppies are now issued as image files suitable for booting from the LILO prompt. #2 now contains code to test and report on the known BIOS glitches.

  •  02 Nov 2002 01:23

Release Notes: The "mem=size@start" command line was added for 2.4 kernels. In the boot installer, the exit() call was removed from unbootable() so that error messages are displayed. Some boot errors when the boot record relocation occured in a RAID1 installation were fixed, along with a problem with the partition table overwrite check.

  •  25 Sep 2002 23:18

Release Notes: Fixes to 'mem=' to recognize kernel 2.4 syntax, and code cleanups.

  •  12 Sep 2002 20:17

Release Notes: Recognition of the "mem=<size>@<start>" command line parameter introduced with the 2.4 kernels (binary release only with a PGP signature).

  •  11 Jul 2002 14:34

Release Notes: This release corrects 'mbr.S' to properly use LBA32 addressing. This affects only the "lilo -M ..." command.

  •  16 Jun 2002 18:31

Release Notes: A fix for a 'change-rule' bug in chain loader, cosmetic updates to 'lilo -T ebda' output formatting, and support for booting arbitrary binaries with 'pseudo.b' in the source directory.

  •  15 Oct 2001 22:44

Release Notes: Be sure to read the 'lilo-22.0.2.announce.txt' file for RAID1 cautions.

  •  07 May 2001 17:30

Release Notes: Boot installer, a fix for DAC960 partition mask Chain Loader, and reversing map device code if "map-drive" is in effect.

  •  14 Apr 2001 01:17

Release Notes: A warning is now issued when CHANGE AUTOMATIC is to be inserted in the boot installer, and a fix for a password timeout security hole which allowed booting without entering the password has been resolved in the boot loader.

  •  04 Apr 2001 03:43

Release Notes: A buffer size problem in the device cache code, and a bugfix for the RAID/MBR name association (still doesn't quite work with devfs) mark this release.


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